Monday, January 22, 2018

Local, Social, and Mobile Solutions for Your Business


Here I've listed all the articles I used for statistical sources. They are in no particular order. I also will add any articles with relevant or interesting information.


What NOT To Do On Local Business Websites

There’s lots of advice out there for what to do in optimizing websites for local businesses, yet day after day, we see some of the same bad practices continue to be perpetuated in bad web designs. So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, here’s a reminder of some basic things NOT to do if you want your local business site to perform well with search engines and consumers. Read More...

TomTom’s newest GPS gets smart with Yelp, Expedia and Twitter integration

Navigation is an amazing thing, but it hasn’t changed a whole lot since we first started using it around 2002 or so. But if navigation mogul TomTom has its way, your nav is about to get a lot more connected. Read More...

Google Places Star Counts Impact Direct Website Traffic

We all know by now that at the end of July, Google changed how they calculate star counts on Google Places. (see previous post)

Dealers that relied heavily on,, or saw their review counts drop drastically toward the end of July. Read More...