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Here I've listed all the articles I used for statistical sources. They are in no particular order. I also will add any articles with relevant or interesting information.


Internet Presence, the new Phone Book.

Today many small businesses are becoming aware of what an online presence can do for their company. They often hire staff just to build and maintain a company website. On the website you often find what services the company offers, hours of operation, and contact information. These small websites are replacing the yellow pages and other phone books. Read More...

Recent Trends Should Guide How Businesses Grow Local Search Strategies

When it comes to online and mobile advertising, many local businesses are still getting their feet wet. Even for those who have dove head-first into opportunities online or via mobile, the rules and solutions are changing so fast, it’s often difficult to keep your head above water and stay ahead of the competition. Read More...

Local marketing campaigns grow 22pc month-to-month: study

Brands are increasingly using mobile as a means of reaching local consumers, with a new report from Millennial Media finding that local marketing grew 22 percent month-to-month. Read More...

Americans Spend 23% of Internet Time on Social Networks [STUDY]

Americans spend almost a quarter of their time online on social networking sites, says a Nielsen report released Monday.

According to the report — which combines data from Nielsen mobile and online meters, buzz data and a survey — Internet users spend more than twice as much time on social networks (including blogs) as they do on online games, the next top web destination by time. Read More...

Which Social Media Sites Are Most Beneficial?

Coming into the New Year, we saw lots of reports that small business owners would be upping their social media spend in 2011.  Reports suggested perhaps the “experimentation” days of social media were over and that businesses were beginning to treat it like a real marketing channel, with dedicated resources.  To give us some insight into how small businesses are  using the medium and where they’re finding success, eMarketer recently highlighted an Adology survey of 752 SMBs that showed which sites were working best and what businesses were getting out of them. Read More...

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